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1896 AGM minutes

The Annual General Meeting of the Strathendrick Curling Club was held on the evening of Monday, 5th October 1896 in the Old Session House. 17 members were present.

Mr David Edmond, President, in the Chair.

The secretary submitted statement of accounts showing a deficit in funds of 1-15/4 but estimated that the arrears of subscriptions to come in would more than square the difference. The meeting fixed the subscription for 96/97 at 2/- each member.

The following office bearers were elected:
Patron - Colonel Blackburn
Patroness - Mrs Blackburn
President - Mr David Edmond
Vice Presidents - Messrs John Paul of Drumbeg, R Buchanan Snr and D Wilson Jnr.
Representative members - Messrs David Fairlie and John Paul, Drumbeg.
Secretary & Treasurer - Mr David Fairlie.


R Buchanan Snr, J Paul Snr, D Edmond, J Gourlay, R Simpson, J Paul Jnr, D Wilson Jnr,
D McDowall, A Stephen, W Aitken, C Campbell, R Buchanan Jnr, D Fairlie,
D Goodwillie, W Gourlay.


The following Skips were elected by Ballot:
Mr David Wilson Jnr (17 votes)No.4, Mr Walter Aitken (15 votes)No.8,
Mr David Edmond (15 votes)No.5, Mr John Paul Jnr (15 votes)No.2,
Mr David Fairlie (14 votes)No.1, Mr James Gourlay (14 votes)No.7 ,
Mr Robert Buchanan Jnr (14 votes)No.3, Mr J N Paul (9 votes)No.6.

The meeting resolved to have their Annual Dinner at some convenient date and the old committee were re-appointed. The meeting also resolved that any deficiency in connection with the dinner would be made up from the funds of the Club.

A vote of thanks to the chairman brought the meeting to a close.

David Edmond Chairman

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