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1897 AGM minutes

The Annual General Meeting of the members of the Strathendrick Curling Club was held in the Old Session House on Thursday 7th October 1897. 18 members were present.

The secretary submitted statement of accounts showing a Deficit of three pounds four shillings (3.4/-) and intimated that the Bakers' account for Irish Stew supplied to the Curlers at their matches had not come in.

After some consideration of the accounts Mr John Paul Jnr moved that the annual subscription be fixed at three shillings (3/-) for the season 1897/1898. This was unanimously agreed to.

The election of the Office Bearers was then proceeded with. The following office bearers being duly elected:
Patron - Colonel Blackburn
Patroness - Mrs Blackburn
President - Mr David Edmond
Vice Presidents - Messrs John Paul Snr, Robert Buchanan Snr and D Wilson Jnr.
Representative members - Messrs Robert Buchanan Snr and John Paul Jnr.
Chaplain - Rev. James Dick.

The meeting received with regret the resignation of Mr David Fairlie as Secretary and Treasurer and thanked him for his past service.

The meeting unanimously apponted Mr John Wilson to fill the offices of Secretary and Treasurer.


Mr Wm Gourlay proposed that the number of Skips be reduced from eight to six. This was agreed to and the following were duly elected by ballot:
David Edmond (18 votes) No.5, Walter Aitken (16 votes) No.6, Jas Gourlay (15 votes) No.1, David Wilson (13 votes) No.3, Robert Buchanan Jnr (13 votes) No.2, John Paul Jnr (12 votes) No.4.

Mr Alex Stephen Snr and the Secretary were apppointed to confer with Mr D Goodwillie regarding cutting of Pond.

The following gentlemen were appointed a committee to look after Pond, Curling House, and tools:
Messrs John Wilson (Convenor), David Goodwillie, Robt Simpson, Wm Gourlay, Alex Thomson.

The meeting resolved that all medals belonging to the Club were to be called in and the Secretary was instructed to post card the members to that effect.

David Edmond

Meeting 16th December 1897

A meeting of Committee was held this evening.
Present: Messrs D Edmond, A Stephen Snr, John Paul Jnr, Wm Gourlay, R Buchanan Jnr,
D Goodwillie, Jas Gourlay and J Wilson.

Business: A letter from Mr D Fairlie asking payment of money due to him by the Club, an account from Mr Wm Gilfinnan, Baker and an account from Mr John McGregor, Blacksmith.

The Committee considered the claims and instructed the Secretary to pay them.

David Edmond

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