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1898 AGM minutes

The Annual General Meeting of the Strathendrick Curling Club was held on Thursday 6th October 1898 in the Old Session House. 21 members were present.

The minutes of the previous meetings were read and adopted.

The statement of accounts showed a deficit of 1.10/4.

The annual subscription for the season 1898/99 was fixed at 3/-.

The election of Office Bearers was then proceeded with. The following being duly elected:
Patron - Colonel Peter Blackburn
Patroness - Mrs Blackburn
President - Mr David Edmond
Vice Presidents - Messrs John Paul Snr, R Buchanan Snr and D Wilson.
Representative members - Messrs R Buchanan Jnr and John Paul Jnr.
Secretary & Treasurer - John Wilson.

It was unanimously agreed to ask the Rev A Gordon Mitchell to fill the office of Chaplain to the Club.


The Committee was re-elected.


It was agreed that there should be Eight Skips. There were 10 nominations, the result of the Ballot was as follows:
Walter Aitken (21 votes) No.6, James Gourlay (20 votes) No.5,
David Edmond (19 votes) No.2, John Paul Jnr (19 votes) No.3,
Robert Buchanan Jnr (19 votes) No.1, Wm Gourlay (17 votes) No. 8,
David Wilson (14 votes) No.4, David Fairlie (13 votes) No. 7.

Cleaning and repairing pond

It was agreed to ask Mr D Goodwillie to clean and repair the pond at the usual rate and the following Committee was appointed to look after Pond, Curling House, and tools:
Messrs R Simpson, David Goodwillie, W Gourlay, A Thomson, J Wilson.

Medals & cups

The Secretary reported that he had received 13 medals, 3 cups and 1 pair of handles. [Editor's note - these are probably the same handles which have for many years been awarded to the winners of the annual pairs competition] A discussion arose as to the disposal of the same. Mr W Houston, seconded by Mr John Paul moved that the medals be placed in a case and left in the possession of the Secretary, and that there be only 3 prizes awarded at the Points Game. An amendment was made by Mr R Buchanan seconded by Mr D Fairlie that there be 4 prizes. viz. 2 cups, medals in case and handles. On a vote being taken, the amendment was carried.

Medals committee

The following committee was appointed viz. Messrs R Buchanan Jnr, Jas Thomas, John Paul, Wm Gourlay and the Secretary, convener. To arrange about the purchase of a case to hold the medals, to repair any which are broken and make out an inventory. The total cost not to exceed 1.


It was also agreed that the club treat the visiting players at the matches and that the home players pay their own expenses.
The expense of conveying the stones to the matches was brought up and after discussion, it was agreed that it should come out of the funds of the club unless some member offered to bear the expense.

David Edmond

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