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1903 AGM minutes

The Annual General Meeting of the Strathendrick Curling Club was held on Thursday 8th October 1903 in the Old Session House. 15 members were present.

In the absence of the President and Vice President, Mr David Fairlie was called to the Chair.

The minutes of the last Annual General Meeting and of Meeting of Pond Committee held after the close of the last General Meeting, and of Meeting of Pond Committee held in the Curling Club House on October 25th 1902 were read and unanimously approved and adopted and ordered to be signed by the Chairman.

The Treasurer's Report was read and Messrs. John Sinclair and R M Latte were appointed auditors. They having examined the Treasurer's financial statement, and found his accounts correct and sufficiently vouched and instructed, the meeting unanimously adopted his report which showed a credit balance of 3 8s 6d.

It was unanimously agreed to that the annual subscription of members should this year be 3 shillings.

The Club proceeded to elect office-bearers for the ensuing season. These are as follows:
Patron - Colonel Blackburn
President - Mr David Edmond
Vice President - Mr Alex Stephen
Representative members - Rev A Gordon Mitchell and Mr Matthew McKellar
Chaplain - Rev A Gordon Mitchell
Secretary & Treasurer - Rev A Gordon Mitchell


The Committee of Management were re-elected with the exception of Mr David Goodwillie for whom Mr Walter Bilsland was substituted.

It was agreed to transfer the name of Mr Goodwillie to the list of occasional players.


The number of skips was fixed at 6. The following were nominated:
James Gourlay, Robert Buchanan, Walter Aitken, D Fairlie, W Gourlay,
D Wilson, J Paul Jnr, W Buchanan, John Wilson, A G Mitchell.
On a vote being taken by ballot for skips, the following was the result of the poll:
James Gourlay (13 votes), D Fairlie (11 votes), R Buchanan (10 votes),W Aitken (10 votes),
W Gourlay (8 votes), J Paul Jnr (7 votes), D Wilson (7 votes), J Wilson (7 votes), W Buchanan (5 votes), A G Mitchell (2 votes).
A second poll thus being necessary as between Messrs. D Wilson, J Paul and J Wilson, the vote was taken with the result that D Wilson received 7 votes, J Paul 5 votes and J Wilson 3 votes.
In accordance with the above results the following stand elected as the Skips for the ensuing season:
W Aitken No.1, J Gourlay No.2, D Wilson No.3, R Buchanan No.4, W Gourlay No.5,
D Fairlie No.6.

It was proposed by Mr W Gourlay and seconded by Mr R M Latte that the composition of rinks for matches be left strictly to the discretion of the Skips. The previous question was moved by Mr J Buchanan and Seconded by Mr W Paul. On a vote being taken by a show of hands, it was found that 8 voted for Mr W Gourlay's amendment of the standing rule and 7 for the previous question. Mr W Gourlay's motion thus became the finding of the meeting.

Votes of thanks to the Secretary on the motion of Mr Latte and to the Chairman on the motion of the Secretary terminated the proceedings.

James Gourlay, Chairman

Pond Committee

Old Session House, October 13th 1903

A meeting of the Pond Committee was held here on the above date. Present: Messrs W Gourlay, R Simpson, C Grant, A Thomson, W Bilsland and J Wilson, Convenor.

Business. Preparing Pond for Curling. It was agreed that J Wilson do the necessary work on the same lines as last year's.

The Committee also considered that one key for the Club House was not sufficient and instructed Mr R Simpson to fix a new lock and provide six keys.

James Gourlay, Chairman

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