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1905 AGM minutes

The Annual General Meeting of the Strathendrick Curling Club was held on Thursday 5th October 1905 in the Old Session House.

Present: Mr Alexander Stephen, Vice President - in the chair, Rev. A Gordon Mitchell, John Paul, James Gourlay, William Gourlay, Matthew McKellar, James W Buchanan, Robert Buchanan, William Buchanan, Thomas Buchanan, William Gilfillan, Dr Buchanan, William Morrison, Walter Bilsland, John Wilson, James Simpson.

The minutes of the last meeting and of the subsequent meeting of the Pond Committee were read, approved and ordered to be signed by the Chairman.

The Treasurer submitted his Report and J W Buchanan and William Morrison were appointed auditors. They having examined the Treasurer's financial statement, and having found his accounts correct kept and sufficiently vouched and instructed, the meeting unanimously adopted his report which showed a balance of 6 1s 4d at credit of the Club.

It was moved by Mr John Paul and seconded by Mr William Morrison that the subscription for the current season be fixed at 2 shillings.
It was moved by Rev Gordon Mitchell and seconded by Mr William Gourlay that the subscription for the current season be fixed at 3 shillings.
On a vote being taken, Mr John Paul's motion by a large majority became the finding of the meeting, and the subscription for 1905-6 was accordingly fixed at 2 shillings. It was also agreed that the subscription of members in arrears should be 5 shillings.

The Club proceeded to elect office-bearers for the ensuing season. These are as follows:
Patron - Lt Colonel Blackburn
Patroness - Mrs Wilson of Carbeth
President - Mr David Edmond
Vice Presidents - Mr David Wilson and Mr Alexander Stephen
Representative members - Rev A Gordon Mitchell and Mr Matthew McKellar
Chaplain - Rev A Gordon Mitchell
Secretary & Treasurer - Rev A Gordon Mitchell


The Committee of Management were re-elected with the exception of Robert Simpson deceased and John McGregor retired and the additions of James Simpson and Matthew McKellar.

The meeting revised the list of members of the Club. From the list of regular members were deleted the names of Robert Simpson deceased, John McGrigor retired, Colin Grant left; and to this list was added the name of Walter Aitken.
From the list of occasional players were deleted the names of D Goodwillie and D Richardson.
The name of James Buchanan was transferred from the list of occasional to that of regular members.
It was moved by Mr John Paul and seconded by Mr James Gourlay that the number of regular members be fixed at 22.
It was moved by Dr Buchanan and duly seconded as follows:- that additional names be transferred from the list of occasional to that of regular members so as to constitute this a four-rink club under Rule Chap vii.10.
For Dr Buchanan's motion there voted 7, for Mr Paul's motions there voted 5.
Accordingly the names of Dr Buchanan, Dan Bennie, W Paul, D Mackay and James Paul were transferred to the list of regular members.


The number of skips was fixed at 6.
The following were nominated:
James Gourlay, John Paul, William Gourlay, Robert Buchanan, Walter Aitken, David Wilson,
A Gordon Mitchell, William Gilfillan.
The vote being taken ballot the result of the poll was as follows:
James Gourlay 16 votes, Robert Buchanan 15 votes, John Paul 14 votes, David Wilson 13 votes, William Gourlay 12 votes, Walter Aitken 11 votes, William Gilfillan 6 votes, William Buchanan 5 votes, A G Mitchell 4 votes.
In accordance with the above result the Skips for this season are as follows:
John Paul No.1, David Wilson No.2, William Gourlay No.3, Robert Buchanan No.4,
James Gourlay No.5, Walter Aitken No.6.

The following were appointed as the Pond Committee for this season:- William Gourlay, Alex Thomson, J Wilson, W Bilsland, Matthew McKellar, James Simpson, A G Mitchell (Convenor). The Committee received the usual instructions as to making arrangements with the Ice Master.

The Secretary brought under the notice of the meeting letters from Mr A Davidson Smith Secretary of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club, with reference to the Grand Match at Carsebreck and the International Match at Lochmaben and requested any members who might be desirous of taking part in these matches to communicate with him.

The Secretary had a letter from the President requesting him in his (the President's) absence to bring before the meeting a letter which he had received from Mr Robert Husband, Dunfermline with reference to an International Curling Bonspiel to be held at Kandersteg in Switzerland in February next, enquiring whether this Club could send a rink.

These letters were allowed to lie on the table.

A vote of thanks to the Vice President for his conduct in the chair terminated the proceedings.

Alex Stephen

Pond Committee

Pursuant to remit from the General Meeting the Pond Committee met at the close of the Annual Meeting. Present William Gourlay, W Bilsland, Matthew McKellar, James Simpson, A G Mitchell presiding. The convenor was instructed make the usual arrangements with the Ice Master.

Alex Stephen

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