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Ladies v Gents Bonspiel 2008/09

The Ladies v Gents Bonspiel took place at Stirling Ice Rink on Friday 12 December 2008 at 17:45.

The teams were as follows:

Gents Team 1Ladies Team 1
Steve HoldenSheila Sturrock
Jim PatersonBetty Meikle
Allan WatsonGill Smith
John RoyElean Bonner
Gents Team 2Ladies Team 2
John PhillipsMargaret Falconer
Walter McGowanAnn Roy
Jim MeikleRita Harris
Eddie RedmanJohn (Amanda) O'Neill *
Gents Team 3Ladies Team 3
Maurice RennieFiona Glass
Stan MooreDiana Jackson
John BowieThelma Banks
Matt GinglesSheilagh Cooper
Gents Team 4Ladies Team 4
Marshall FalconerHelen Watson
Bob GlassArchie (Agatha) Banks *
George HarrisAnnabel Struthers
Sandy ParkFay Pascoe
 * In drag!


Games were played: L1 v G1, L2 v G2, L3 v G3, L4 v G4.

After 4 ends Gents move: L1 v G4, L2 v G1, L3 v G2, L4 v G3.

Results on total ends, then shots up, then total shots.

The result was a victory for the Gents - even with one of the score cards missing!

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