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Spring League 2020, Fixtures by Date

The Mixed League is the main on-going competition of the season.

For 2019/20 there will be two competitions, the Autumn League up to December and the Spring League starting in January. In the Spring League each of 6 teams plays every other team once to decide the league winner.

The dates of the matches are given below.

The teams and fixtures dates for each team, can be seen by following the sub-menu on the left.

All curling will take place at The Peak, Stirling on Tuesdays at 15:00.

Fixtures by Date
DayDateTimeRink ARink BRink C
Tuesday21/01/202015:001 v 23 v 45 v 6
Tuesday04/02/202015:004 v 56 v 12 v 3
Tuesday25/02/202015:003 v 12 v 54 v 6
Tuesday03/03/202015:002 v 43 v 65 v 1
Cancelled24/03/202015:005 v 31 v 46 v 2

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