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Spring League 2018/19, Fixtures by Teams

The Mixed League is the main on-going competition of the season.

For 2018/19 there will be two competitions, the Autumn League to December and the Spring League starting in January. In the Spring League each of 6 teams plays every other team once to decide the league winner.

The individual fixture lists for the Spring League 2018/19 are given below. Select a team to see their fixtures. All matches will be played on Tuesdays at The Peak, Stirling at 15:00.


Team 1 : Norman Robertson, Gillian Kingslake, Rosemary Miller, Isabel Robertson, Jim Meikle.
Team 2 : Mike Jackson, Archie Banks, Sandy Park, Jean Verrall.
Team 3 : Howard Royston, Gill Smith, Luisella Mosley, John O'Neill
Team 4 : Bob Glass, Walter Macgowan, Keith Hyam, Richard Kingslake.
Team 5 : Di Jackson, Fiona Glass, Stan Moore, Paul Mosley.
Team 6 : Tony Flisch, Sheila Sturrock, Rita Harris, Douglas Arthur.

Team 1
Tuesday15 January 201915:00Team 2
Tuesday22 January 201915:00Team 6
Tuesday05 February 201915:00Team 3
Tuesday19 February 201915:00Team 5
Tuesday19 March 201915:00Team 4

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Team 2
Tuesday15 January 201915:00Team 1
Tuesday22 January 201915:00Team 3
Tuesday05 February 201915:00Team 5
Tuesday19 February 201915:00Team 4
Tuesday19 March 201915:00Team 6

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Team 3
Tuesday15 January 201915:00Team 4
Tuesday22 January 201915:00Team 2
Tuesday05 February 201915:00Team 1
Tuesday19 February 201915:00Team 6
Tuesday19 March 201915:00Team 5

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Team 4
Tuesday15 January 201915:00Team 3
Tuesday22 January 201915:00Team 5
Tuesday05 February 201915:00Team 6
Tuesday19 February 201915:00Team 2
Tuesday19 March 201915:00Team 1

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Team 5
Tuesday15 January 201915:00Team 6
Tuesday22 January 201915:00Team 4
Tuesday05 February 201915:00Team 2
Tuesday19 February 201915:00Team 1
Tuesday19 March 201915:00Team 3

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Team 6
Tuesday15 January 201915:00Team 5
Tuesday22 January 201915:00Team 1
Tuesday05 February 201915:00Team 4
Tuesday19 February 201915:00Team 3
Tuesday19 March 201915:00Team 2

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