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Autumn League 2022, Fixtures by Teams

The Mixed Leagues are the main competitions of the season.

For 2022/23 there will be three competitions, the Autumn League in October and November, the Winter League for the Powblack Trophy from November to January and the Spring League from January to March. In the Autumn League each of 6 teams will play every other team once to decide the league winner. The team members will be redrawn for the Winter and Spring leagues.

The provisional fixtures lists are given below. Select a team to see their fixtures. All matches will be at The Peak, Stirling on Tuesdays at 15:00.


Team 1 : Rosemary Miller, Shirley Fraser, John Bowie, Andy McKinnell.
Team 2 : Sally Macfarlane, Archie Banks, Richard Barker, Deborah Macken.
Team 3 : John Macfarlane, Rita Harris, Richard Kingslake, Viv Taylor.
Team 4 : Paul Mosley, Tony Flisch, Jane Weir, Susan Ross.
Team 5 : Fiona Glass, Luisella Mosley, John O'Neill, Moray Weir.
Team 6 : John Phillips, Gill Smith, Jim Meikle, Gillian Kingslake.

Team 1
Tuesday04 October 202215:00Team 2
Tuesday11 October 202215:00Team 6
Tuesday25 October 202215:00Team 3
Tuesday01 November 202215:00Team 5
Tuesday08 November 202215:00Team 4

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Team 2
Tuesday04 October 202215:00Team 1
Tuesday11 October 202215:00Team 3
Tuesday25 October 202215:00Team 5
Tuesday01 November 202215:00Team 4
Tuesday08 November 202215:00Team 6

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Team 3
Tuesday04 October 202215:00Team 4
Tuesday11 October 202215:00Team 2
Tuesday25 October 202215:00Team 1
Tuesday01 November 202215:00Team 6
Tuesday08 November 202215:00Team 5

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Team 4
Tuesday04 October 202215:00Team 3
Tuesday11 October 202215:00Team 5
Tuesday25 October 202215:00Team 6
Tuesday01 November 202215:00Team 2
Tuesday08 November 202215:00Team 1

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Team 5
Tuesday04 October 202215:00Team 6
Tuesday11 October 202215:00Team 4
Tuesday25 October 202215:00Team 2
Tuesday01 November 202215:00Team 1
Tuesday08 November 202215:00Team 3

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Team 6
Tuesday04 October 202215:00Team 5
Tuesday11 October 202215:00Team 1
Tuesday25 October 202215:00Team 4
Tuesday01 November 202215:00Team 3
Tuesday08 November 202215:00Team 2

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