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Calendar of Curling Fixtures for 2018/19

Strathendrick Curling Club organises a number of internal competitions and takes part in various external competitions each season. The programme for 2018/19 is given below. Follow the links for more information on individual competitions.

Curling Programme 2018/19
Day and DateTimeLocationFixture
Tuesday 18/09/1815:00StirlingPresident v Vice-President
Thursday 27/09/1821:00Stirling (NCA)Robert Paterson Shield 1
Tuesday 02/10/1815:00StirlingAutumn League 1
Saturday 06/10/1810:00 & 14:30KinrossProvince Day (Forest Hills Trophy)
Tuesday 09/10/1815:00StirlingAutumn League 2
Thursday 11/10/1821:00Stirling (NCA)Robert Paterson Shield 2
Friday 19/10/1818:30Stirling (NCA)Forest Hills League 1
Tuesday 23/10/1815:00StirlingAutumn League 3
Thursday 25/10/1821:00Stirling (NCA)Robert Paterson Shield 3
Tuesday 06/11/1815:00StirlingAutumn League 4
Thursday 08/11/1821:00Stirling (NCA)Robert Paterson Shield 4
Tuesday 13/11/1815:00StirlingAutumn League 5
Thursday 15/11/1818:15 & 20:30StirlingProvince Medal
Friday 16/11/1818:30Stirling (NCA)Forest Hills League 2
Sunday 18/11/1814:00Stirling (NCA)Waldie Griffith Inter-Province Cup
Thursday 22/11/1821:00Stirling (NCA)Robert Paterson Shield 5
Tuesday 27/11/1815:00StirlingAutumn League 6
Thursday 29/11/1821:00Stirling (NCA)Jim Carswell Cup 1 (Forth & Endrick Knock-out)
Tuesday 04/12/1815:00StirlingAutumn League 7
Thursday 13/12/1821:00Stirling (NCA)Robert Paterson Shield 6
Tuesday 18/12/1815:00StirlingLadies v Gents
Thursday 20/12/1821:00Stirling (NCA)Jim Carswell Cup 2 (Forth & Endrick Knock-out)
Monday 14/01/19EveningStirlingBallikinrain Cup (2 teams v Balfron & Fintry)
Tuesday 15/01/1915:00StirlingSpring League 1
Friday 18/01/1918:30Stirling (NCA)Forest Hills League 4
Tuesday 22/01/1915:00StirlingSpring League 2
Thursday 24/01/1921:00Stirling (NCA)Jim Carswell Cup 3 (Forth & Endrick Knock-out)
Wednesday 30/01/1920:45StirlingForth Valley Area Bonspiel v Kilsyth Ladies
Thursday 31/01/1921:00Stirling (NCA)Robert Paterson Shield 8
Tuesday 05/02/1915:00StirlingSpring League 3
Thursday 07/02/1918:15 & 20:30StirlingGordon Mitchell Rosebowl
Tuesday 12/02/1915:00StirlingPairs
Friday 15/02/1918:30Stirling (NCA)Forest Hills League 5
Tuesday 19/02/1915:00StirlingSpring League 4
Thursday 21/02/1921:00Stirling (NCA)Jim Carswell Cup 4 (Forth & Endrick Knock-out)
Thursday 28/02/1921:00Stirling (NCA)Robert Paterson Shield 9
Friday 15/03/1918:30Stirling (NCA)Forest Hills League 6
Tuesday 19/03/1915:00StirlingSpring League 5
Friday 22/03/1918:30Stirling (NCA)Forest Hills League 7
Tuesday 26/03/1915:00StirlingClosing Bonspiel
Wednesday 26/03/1917:30MurrayfieldDistrict Medal v Haddington
Annual General Meeting18:30TBCAnnual General Meeting

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