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Peat Trophy 2017/18, Team Members

The Peat Trophy League will take place between October 2017 and January 2018. Each team plays every other team three times to decide the league winner.

The teams for the year are given below. Click on the Team letter to obtain the match programme.

Note It is not necessary for team members to play the matches in the postions given below.

Peat Trophy Teams 2017/18
APat RodgerMuriel HolroydElspeth MurdochMarion Richardson
BGill SmithIsabel RobertsonMaureen RoystonNorma Thornton
CRita HarrisAnne LangMaureen CampbellMargaret Smith


Members who are willing to reserve are given below. In addition any members of the team which does not have a match on the day a reserve is required may be willing to play. Players seeking a substitute should try the Priority Reserve List first and then the Main Reserve List before asking another team member to play.

Priority Reserve


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