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Peat Trophy 2017/18, Fixtures by Team

The Peat Trophy League will played between October 2017 and January 2018. Each of 3 teams plays every other team three times to decide the league winner. The individual fixture lists are given below. Select a team to see their fixtures. All matches will be at The Peak, Stirling at 10am.

Peat Trophy Teams 2017/18
APat RodgerMuriel HolroydElspeth MurdochMarion Richardson
BGill SmithIsabel RobertsonMaureen RoystonNorma Thornton
CRita HarrisAnne LangMaureen CampbellMargaret Smith


Team A
Thursday12 October 201710:00Team B
Thursday26 October 201710:00Team C
Thursday02 November 201710:00Bye
Thursday09 November 201710:00Team B
Thursday16 November 201710:00Team C
Thursday23 November 201710:00Bye
Thursday30 November 201710:00Team B
Thursday14 December 201710:00Team C
Thursday18 January 201810:00Bye

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Team B
Thursday12 October 201710:00Team A
Thursday26 October 201710:00Bye
Thursday02 November 201710:00Team C
Thursday09 November 201710:00Team A
Thursday16 November 201710:00Bye
Thursday23 November 201710:00Team C
Thursday30 November 201710:00Team A
Thursday14 December 201710:00Bye
Thursday18 January 201810:00Team C

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Team C
Thursday12 October 201710:00Bye
Thursday26 October 201710:00Team A
Thursday02 November 201710:00Team B
Thursday09 November 201710:00Bye
Thursday16 November 201710:00Team A
Thursday23 November 201710:00Team B
Thursday30 November 201710:00Bye
Thursday14 December 201710:00Team A
Thursday18 January 201810:00Team B

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