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1901 AGM minutes

The Annual General Meeting of the Strathendrick Curling Club was held on Thursday 10th October 1901 in the Old Session House. 18 members were present.

The President, D Edmund Esq. was called to the Chair.

Apologies for absence were received by the Secretary from Colonel Blackburn, Dr Buchanan and Mr Glasse.

The minutes of the last Annual General Meeting and also those of Committee Meetings of dates 25 October 1900 and 20 December 1900 were read and approved of.

The Treasurer's Report showing a credit Balance of 4 10s 3d was read and unanimously adopted.

It was unanimously agreed to that the annual subscription of members should this year be 3 shillings.

The Club proceeded to elect office-bearers for the ensuing year. These are as under:
Patron - Colonel Blackburn
Patroness - Mrs Blackburn
President - Mr David Edmond
Vice President - Mr Alex Stephen
Representative members - Rev A Gordon Mitchell and Mr William Gourlay.
Chaplain - Rev A Gordon Mitchell
Secretary & Treasurer - Rev A Gordon Mitchell


The retiring Committee of Management were re-elected.


The Pond Committee were re-elected and the Committee were instructed to arrange for the cutting and cleaning and putting in order of the pond for the winter's play.


The number of skips was fixed at 6. The following were nominated:
W Aitken, Jas Gourlay, David Wilson, John Paul, David Fairlie, R Buchanan, W Gourlay,
John Wilson.
On a vote being taken by ballot for skips, the following were found to be elected:
James Gourlay (17 votes) No.1, W Gourlay (11 votes) No.2, John Paul Jnr (17 votes) No.3,
Robert Buchanan (12 votes) No.4, David Fairlie (15 votes) No.5,
Walter Aitken (17 votes) No.6.

It was moved by Mr Paul and seconded by Mr Goodwillie that the rule that no more than two skips in each rink be allowed to go out to any match stand as it is, but that the Skips should not be restricted in their choice of players to such numbers as might happen to be on the ice. There being no counter-motion, this was unanimously agreed to.

A vote of thanks to the chairman ended the proceedings.

David Fairlie, Chairman

17 October 1901

A meeting of the Pond Committee was held in the parish library room this evening. The following members were present: R Simpson, A Thomson, Rev. A Gordon Mitchell, W Gourlay, & John Wilson Convener.

Mr John Wilson agreed to undertake to mow the curling pond, also to scour the ditch admitting water to the pond and to cut away the turf between the curling house and the edge of the pond and to causey the said space with bricks. Mr A Thomson offered the necessary amount of bricks for the carting. The Committee agreed to pay Mr John Wilson for his time.

Mr Robert Simpson at the request of the Committee agreed to make a straight edge for drawing the points-rinks and a seat with two tiers of boxes along the back wall of the curling house.

The Committee also agreed to get the curling house cleaned out.

A unanimous vote of thanks was passed to Mr A Thomson for his offer of bricks which the Committee heartily accepted.

David Fairlie, Chairman

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