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1902 AGM minutes

The Annual General Meeting of the Strathendrick Curling Club was held on Thursday 9th October 1902 in the Old Session House. 15 members were present.

In the absence of the President and Vice President, Mr D Fairlie was called to the Chair.

An apology for absence were received by the Secretary from Dr Buchanan.

The minutes of the last Annual General Meeting and of Meeting of Pond Committee of date 17 October 1901 were read and adopted.

The Treasurer's Report showing a credit Balance of 1 12s 11d was read and unanimously adopted.

It was unanimously agreed to that the annual subscription of members should this year be 3 shillings.

The Club proceeded to elect office-bearers for the ensuing season. These are as under:
Patron - Colonel Blackburn
Patroness - Mrs Blackburn
President - Mr David Edmond
Vice President - Mr Alex Stephen
Representative members - Rev A Gordon Mitchell and Mr William Gourlay.
Chaplain - Rev A Gordon Mitchell
Secretary & Treasurer - Rev A Gordon Mitchell


The following were elected as the Committee of Management:
D Edmond, W Gourlay, J Gourlay, Rev A G Mitchell, A Thomson, R Simpson, J Paul Jnr,
D Goodwillie, D Wilson, J Wilson, A Stephen, W Aitken, C Campbell, R Buchanan, D Fairlie, John McGregor, Wm Morrison.

It was agreed to transfer the names of Wm Morrison, Colin Grant, Matthew McKellar and
D McDowall to the list of Regular Players and to transfer the names of John Paul Snr and Wm Houston to the list of occasional players.


The following Committee was appointed to take charge of pond, curling house and tools:
Messrs R Simpson, D Goodwillie, W Gourlay, A Thomson, J Wilson, Colin Grant, A G Mitchell, J Wilson, Convenor. This Committee was instructed to arrange for the cutting and cleaning and putting in order of the pond for the winter's play.


The number of skips was fixed at 6. The following were nominated:
David Wilson, J Gourlay, D Fairlie, J Paul Jnr, R Buchanan, John Wilson,W Gourlay,
W Aitken, A G Mitchell.
On a vote being taken by ballot for skips, the following were found to be elected:
James Gourlay (10 votes) No.1, John Paul Jnr (11 votes) No.2, David Wilson (10 votes) No.3,
Walter Aitken (8 votes) No.4 David Fairlie (13 votes) No.5, Robert Buchanan (8 votes) No.6.

It was moved, seconded and unanimously agreed to that there must be a day's curling on the day previous to that on which the points game is played.

A vote of thanks to the chairman concluded the proceedings.

The Pond Committee met after the close of the Annual General Meeting in the Old Session House, Killearn.

Present D Goodwillie, W Gourlay, Colin Grant, A G Mitchell, J Wilson Convenor. The Convenor took the chair.

John Wilson undertook to mow and prepare the pond for the winter's play and the Committee agreed to pay him by his time. The meeting closed with a vote of thanks to the Chairman.

David Fairlie, Chairman

25 October 1902
Curling Club House

A meeting of the Pond Committee was held on this date.
Present Messrs. A Thomson, C Grant, D Goodwillie and J Wilson.
Business - to consider any necessary repairs on House and furniture. They recommended that the undernoted repairs be effected:
The windows to be glazed where the glass is broken and the window cases to be made secure, if necessary, and pointed with cement on the outside between case and brickwork. No other pointing to be done at present.
The stove to be overhauled and the smokepipe cleared out; the whole to receive a coat of Brunswick Black.
The tie-ringers to be repaired.
All the boxes to be renumbered anew. The Committee recommend that the numbers be painted on the woodwork.
The inside of the house to be cleaned, the table and benches to be washed and the floor scrubbed out.

Mr Robert Simpson, joiner, to be instructed to get above work done as soon as possible.
The Secretary to draw ouit a number list of the boxes with blankspace for names and to add a note requesting each member to place his name opposite the number of the box containing his curling stones. The list when competed to be rewritten, if necessary, and affixed to the Board.
The Committee recommend the purchase of one or two new crampets of an improved pattern, as approved by the members, if the funds will permit after paying the foregoing work.

The Convenor read a letter which he had received from the Secretary, who was unable to be present. As regard the subject of the Secretary's letter, the Committee consider that they would be exceeding their powers to deal with the matter, but recommend the Secretary to bring it before the General Committee at an early date.

David Fairlie, Chairman

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