Waldie Griffith 2008/09

The Province decided to enter the Waldie Griffith inter-province competition for the first time for many years.

The Province was drawn against the West of Fife Province. The match took place at Kirkcaldy Ice Rink on Wednesday 18 February 2009 at 14.30.

The teams and results were as follows:

Ken Hutchison, Helen Watson, John Carruthers, Mary Paterson - win 11 - 4

Alastair McDiarmid, Alan Mitchell, Clark Brown, Jean Anderson - loss 1 - 10

John Steel, Murray Watson, Richard Wilson, Sandy Shearlaw - win 6 - 3

Grant Farquharson, Betty Montgomery, Fiona Glass, John Cross - win 14 - 4

Overall win of 32 - 21 giving plus 11 shots. This gives an average over 4 games of 2.75 which put the Province in joint second place alongside Dunbartonshire. The winners were East of Fife 2 on an average of 7 shots up.