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2023/24Robert Paterson Shield
2023/24Forest Hills League
2023/24Jim Carswell Cup (Knockout)
2023/24Province Medal
2023/24Gordon Mitchell Rosebowl
2023/24Province points
2023/24Forth Valley fixtures
2023/24Waldie Griffith
2022/23Robert Paterson Shield
2022/23Forest Hills League
2022/23Jim Carswell Cup (Knockout)
2022/23Forest Hills Trophy (Province day)
2022/23Province Medal
2022/23Gordon Mitchell Rosebowl
2022/23Province points
2022/23Forth Valley fixtures
2022/23Waldie Griffith
2021/22Robert Paterson Shield
2021/22Forest Hills League
2021/22Jim Carswell Cup (Knockout)
2021/22Province Medal
2021/22Gordon Mitchell Rosebowl
2021/22Province points
2021/22Forth Valley fixtures
2021/22Waldie Griffith
2020/21No curling due to Covid 19 pandemic.
2019/20Robert Paterson Shield
2019/20Forest Hills League
2019/20Jim Carswell Cup (Knockout)
2019/20Forest Hills Trophy (Province day)
2019/20Province Medal
2019/20Gordon Mitchell Rosebowl
2019/20Province points
2019/20Forth Valley fixtures
2019/20Waldie Griffith
2018/19Robert Paterson Shield
2018/19Forest Hills League
2018/19Jim Carswell Cup (Knockout)
2018/19Forest Hills Trophy (Province day)
2018/19Province Medal
2018/19Gordon Mitchell Rosebowl
2018/19Province points
2018/19Forth Valley fixtures
2018/19Waldie Griffith
2017/18Robert Paterson Shield
2017/18Forest Hills League
2017/18Jim Carswell Cup (Knockout)
2017/18Forest Hills Trophy (Province day)
2017/18Province Medal
2017/18Gordon Mitchell Rosebowl
2017/18Province points
2017/18Forth Valley fixtures
2016/17Robert Paterson Shield
2016/17Forest Hills League
2016/17Jim Carswell Cup (Knockout)
2016/17Forest Hills Trophy (Province day)
2016/17Province Medal
2016/17Gordon Mitchell Rosebowl
2016/17Province points
2016/17Forth Valley Area 6 fixtures
2016/17Waldie Griffith
2015/16Robert Paterson Shield
2015/16Forest Hills League
2015/16Jim Carswell Cup (Knockout)
2015/16Forest Hills Trophy (Province day)
2015/16Province Medal
2015/16Gordon Mitchell Rosebowl
2015/16Province points
2015/16Area 6 fixtures
2015/16Waldie Griffith
2014/15Robert Paterson Shield
2014/15Forest Hills League
2014/15Jim Carswell Cup (Knockout)
2014/15Forest Hills Trophy (Province day)
2014/15Province Medal
2014/15Gordon Mitchell Rosebowl
2014/15Province points
2014/15Area 6 fixtures
2014/15Waldie Griffith
2013/14Robert Paterson Shield
2013/14Forest Hills League
2013/14Jim Carswell Cup (Knockout)
2013/14Forest Hills Trophy (Province day)
2013/14Province points
2013/14Province Medal
2013/14Gordon Mitchell Rosebowl
2013/14Area 6 fixtures
2013/14Waldie Griffith
2012/13Robert Paterson Shield
2012/13Forest Hills League
2012/13Jim Carswell Cup (Knockout)
2012/13Forest Hills Trophy (Province day)
2012/13Province points
2012/13Province Medal
2012/13Gordon Mitchell Rosebowl
2012/13Area 6 fixtures
2012/13Waldie Griffith
2011/12Robert Paterson Shield
2011/12Forest Hills League
2011/12Jim Carswell Cup (Knockout)
2011/12Forest Hills Trophy (Province day)
2011/12Province Medal
2011/12Gordon Mitchell Rosebowl
2011/12Province points
2011/12Area 6 fixtures
2011/12Waldie Griffith
2010/11Robert Paterson Shield
2010/11Forest Hills League
2010/11Jim Carswell Cup (Knockout)
2010/11Forest Hills Trophy (Province Weekend)
2010/11Province Medal
2010/11Province points
2010/11Gordon Mitchell Rosebowl
2010/11Area 6 fixtures
2010/11Waldie Griffith
2009/10Robert Paterson Shield
2009/10Forest Hills League
2009/10Jim Carswell Cup (Knockout)
2009/10Forest Hills Trophy (Province Weekend)
2009/10Province Medal
2009/10Area 6 fixtures
2009/10Province points
2009/10Gordon Mitchell Rosebowl
2009/10Waldie Griffith
2009/10Mixed Doubles
2008/09Robert Paterson Shield
2008/09Forest Hills League
2008/09Jim Carswell Cup (Knockout)
2008/09Forest Hills Trophy (Province Weekend)
2008/09Province Medal
2008/09Area 6 fixtures
2008/09Province points
2008/09Gordon Mitchell Rosebowl
2008/09Waldie Griffith
2007/08Robert Paterson Shield
2007/08Forest Hills League
2007/08Jim Carswell Cup (Knockout)
2007/08Forest Hills Trophy (Province Weekend)
2007/08Province Medal
2007/08Gordon Mitchell Rosebowl
2006/07Robert Paterson Shield
2006/07Jim Carswell Cup (Knockout)
2006/07Forest Hills Trophy (Province Weekend)
2006/07Province Medal
2006/07Gordon Mitchell Rosebowl
Past WinnersRobert Paterson Shield
Past WinnersForest Hills League
Past WinnersJim Carswell Cup
Past WinnersForest Hills Double Knockout (now Jim Carswell Cup Low Road)
Past WinnersProvince Medal
Past WinnersGordon Mitchell Rosebowl
Past WinnersForest Hills Trophy (Province Away Day previously Province Weekend)
Past WinnersProvince Points

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