Waldie Griffith

The Province entered the Waldie Griffith inter-province competition for the 2018/19 season. The opposition was East of Fife Province and the match was held at Stirling on 18th November 2018 at 2 pm on the National Curling Academy sheets.

The teams were as below.


1Grant FarquharsonGordon JacksonHoward RoystonBen Somerville
2Gavin ScottLes WatsonCaroline Scott DavidsonCarol Wells
3Andy HemmingMark DuguidPaul Mosley-
4John CrossMatt StevensonStan MooreGill Smith


The result was wins in 2 matches and losses in the other 2. Overall we were 3 shots up, before penalties for 1 player short were applied. This makes the result +1 which gives an average of +.25.



Note(adapted from East Kilbride and Haremyres CC website)

Sir George [or more probably his son Sir Richard] Waldie Griffith of Hendersyde Park, Roxburghshire donated the Challenge Cup to the Kelso Club around 1909, who in turn suggested to the RCCC that it be played for nationally at province level. The competition, played each year between all the curling provinces is known as "The Waldie Griffith" and the Province which gains the highest average majority of shots per team over its opponents is declared the winner of the Challenge Cup, which they hold for one year.