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Balyarrow Trophy Bonspiel 2008

Our tri-annual bonspiel against the other clubs founded in 1846 took place on 26 October 2008 at Perth Ice Rink.

The teams were as follows:

At 13.30

Strathendrick IStrathendrick II
Falkland ISt Andrews II
Marshall FalconerJohn Phillips
Archie BanksSheila Sturrock
Di JacksonStan Moore
Walter McGowanJim Meikle

At 16.00

Strathendrick IIIStrathendrick IV
Haddington IIIBridge of Weir III
Mike JacksonMargaret Falconer
Steve HoldenFiona Glass
Maurice RennieAnn Roy
Bob GlassGill Smith

Match format - The game was played over eight ends and the result was decided by total games won, total ends up, total shots up, total shots scored.

Strathendrick tied with Haddington on 6 points (3 wins). Haddington were 9 ends up compared with Strathendrick's 2 ends down, so Hadddington were declared the winners for the second time.

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