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Knockout Competition 2014/15

A Knockout Competition took place on Tuesday 17 March 2015 at The Peak, Stirling at 15:00 and 17.45.

The teams were as follows.

1.Bob GlassRita HarrisGill SmithJean Verrall
2.Fiona GlassJohn AndersonJohn PhillipsDavid Hale
3.Stephen HoldenTony FlischKeith HyamSandy Park
4.Donnie MacDonaldRichard KingslakeGillian KingslakeAnne Lang

In the first round, Donnie had a good win against Fiona whilst Bob played some real skip's shots to beat Stephen.

The final was close. Shots were exchanged (including a 3 each) up to the 6th end. Bob got 2 in the 7th end to leave Donnie facing a double takeout with his last stone. The shot only took out one of the stones leaving Bob's team as the winners.


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