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Pairs Competition

The Pairs Competition was held at Forest Hill on Thursday 5 February 2004 and Wednesday 11 February 2004 with matches at 7:45 pm and 8:50pm each day.

14 teams of two played in the first round on 5 February. Four teams (5, 9, 12 & 13), the winners of the Round 1 ties, went forward to the finals on 11 February.

The basic rules were as follows :-

  • Games started at 7:45 or 8:45, and were a maximum of one hour and 4 ends.
  • Each player played 4 stones per end. Free Guard Zone rules did not apply.
  • Scoring was based on points, then ends then shots. (In the event of a tie, the winner would have been decided by drawing the shot.)
  • Four teams went through to the finals.

 Results of Final
 The Final of the Pairs competition was between Norman Robertson/Allan Watson (sub for Helen Watson) and Alan Johnstone/Marshal Falconer (sub for Anne Lang). The game was very close with Norman and Allan taking two shots at the last end to win by 3 shots to 2.

 First Round Results
 TeamEnds WonTotal ShotsShots UpPoints

 1st Round Draw - 5 February
  Start TimeSheet ASheet BSheet CSheet D
  7:451 v 23 v 105 v 613 v 8
  8:509 v 411 v 127 v 14 -

 Team Members
 1.Des Burt and Diana Jackson 2.Steve Holden and Jean Anderson
 3.Walter McGowan and Sandra Burt 4.Bob Glass and Jim Meikle
 5.Norman Robertson and Helen Watson 6.Maurice Rennie and George Harris
 7.Marshal Falconer and Kate Baxter 8.Mike Jackson and Eddie Redman
 9.Alan Johnstone and Anne Lang 10.John Anderson and Margaret Brown
 11.Alan Watson and Fiona Glass 12.David Hale and Margaret Falconer
 13.John Phillips and Rita Harris 14.Jim Paterson and Betty Meikle

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