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Autumn League 2023, Match Results

Scores for each match and the current position table will be updated as the season progresses. Scores are in the form TEAM on left and OPPONENTS along the top with each match listed twice (once under each team) Shots are given first and ends second.

Final Results.


Results of Individual Matches - first round
Team (Skip)1234
1 (R. Miller)*3/2e4/4e5/3e
2 (F. Glass)10/5e*5/2e6/4e
3 (J. Macfarlane)9/3e8/4e*4/2e
4 (P. Mosley)6/4e3/3e14/5e*


Results of Individual Matches - second round
Team (Skip)1234
1 (R. Miller)*5/3e4/3e2/2e
2 (F. Glass)4/4e*6/3e5/3e
3 (J. Macfarlane)9/3e4/4e*8/4e
4 (P. Mosley)9/5e9/4e8/3e*



Final positions.
Team (Skip)Games PlayedShots
Shots AgainstEndsPointsCurrent Position
4 (P. Mosley)649302491
3 (J. Macfarlane)642412072
2 (F. Glass)636322163
1 (R Miller)623471724

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