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Pairs Competition 2008/09

The Pairs Competition took place at Stirling Ice Rink on Tuesday 17 March 2009 at 14:30.

Each game was 5 ends with 3 stones per player.

Ends/shots scored/shots up determined the winners.

In case of a peeled game……. Skips were to draw 1 stone each to the head.

The winners were Donnie MacDonald and Iain Bowie with Bob Glass and Rita Harris as runners-up.

The matches were as follows:

2.30Pair 1Pair 2
1Maurice Rennie & Betty MeikleMarshall Falconer & J Simmers
2Steve Holden & John AndersonBob Glass & Rita Harris
3Fiona Glass & Stan MooreD MacDonald & I Bowie
4George Harris & Allan WatsonMike Jackson & Jenny Knox
3.30Pair 1Pair 2
1Steve Holden & John AndersonMarshall Falconer & J Simmers
2Maurice Rennie & Betty MeikleBob Glass & Rita Harris
3Fiona Glass & Stan MooreMike Jackson & Jenny Knox
4George Harris & Allan WatsonD MacDonald & I Bowie