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Evening League Final Results 2002

The very close Evening League was completed with four games on 10 December 2002. At the start of the evening there were 7 teams within 2 points all with a chance of overall victory. At the end of the evening two teams, 8 and 5, were tied on 11 points each. However, the shots difference of plus 9 and minus 1 respectively gave team 8 their narrow victory.

Winning Team :- Team 8 of Norman Robertson, Walter McGowan, Eddie Redman and Rita Harris

Runners up :- Team 5 of Michael Jackson, Bob Glass, Norman Lilley and Sandra Burt

Scores for each match and the overall final table are given below. Scores are in the form TEAM : OPPONENTS with each match listed twice (once under each team).

Results of Individual Matches

Team (Skip)123456789
1 (Addison)*4:1111:66:106:72:127:59:124:6
2 (Banks)11:4*9:34:1111:37:74:75:67:8
3 (F. Glass)6:113:9*6:46:79:914:55:59:2
4 (Holden)10:611:44:6*10:65:64:76:84:5
5 (Jackson)7:63:117:66:10*5:37:76:411:6
6 (Phillips)12:27:79:96:53:5*14:44:88:8
7 (Rennie)5:77:45:147:47:74:14*7:117:6
8 (Robertson)12:96:55:58:64:68:411:7*7:10
9 (Tosh)6:48:72:95:46:118:86:710:7*


Final Overall Results

Team (Skip)Final PositionStones ForStones AgainstPoints
8 (Robertson)1615211
5 (Jackson)2525311
6 (Phillips)363489
9 (Tosh)451579
3 (F. Glass)558528
2 (Banks)658497
7 (Rennie)749677
4 (Holden)854486
1 (Addison)949694


The teams for the Autumn League were as follows:

1Gordon AddisonAlan JohnstonIan MacFarlaneGeorge Harris
2Archie BanksAnn RoyJohn AndersonJohn Roy
3Fiona GlassJim PatersonGill SmithIan Porter
4Steve HoldenJim MeikleThelma BanksMeg Hale
5Michael JacksonBob GlassNorman LilleySandra Burt
6John PhillipsDavid HaleJean AndersonJohn O'Neill
7Maurice RennieAny three from Betty Meikle, John Bowie, Matt Gingles and Jim Ptolomy
8Norman RobertsonWalter McGowanEddie RedmanRita Harris
9Ron ToshStan MooreJim WalkerDes Burt