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Autumn League 2007, Match Results

Scores are in the form TEAM on left and OPPONENTS along the top with each match listed twice (once under each team) Shots are given first and ends second.

Final results at 10 December 2007.

Results of Individual Matches

Team (Skip)12345678
1 (Mg. Falconer)*6/3e11/5e5/3e10/4e7/5e15/5e9/6e
2 (M. Falconer)5/5e*10/5e14/7e5/4e12/6e7/5e4/4e
3 (R. Glass)5/3e3/3e*8/4e12/6e6/4e9/4e7/6e
4 (F. Glass)7/4e3/1e5/4e*10/5e8/5e4/4e6/4e
5 (S. Holden)10/4e8/4e5/2e7/3e*4/2e2/2e6/4e
6 (M. Jackson)5/3e2/2e7/4e6/3e4/6e*9/4e2/1e
7 (J. Phillips)8/3e3/2e10/4e5/4e13/5e9/4e*9/5e
8 (N. Robertson)4/2e7/4e2/2e7/4e4/3e12/7e4/3e*

6 points deducted from Team 6 in match against Team 5 for fielding only 3 players.
6 points deducted from Team 4 in match against Team 7 for fielding only 3 players.


Final League Positions at 10 December 2007

Team (Skip)Games
1 (Mg. Falconer)7634411311
7 (J. Phillips)757509272
2 (M. Falconer)757328363
3 (R. Glass)750506304
4 (F. Glass)743526275
8 (N. Robertson)740436256
5 (S. Holden)742586217
6 (M. Jackson)735584238


The teams for the Autumn League were as follows:

1Margaret Falconer, Di Jackson, John Bowie, Gill Smith, Iain Bowie
2Marshall Falconer, Archie Banks, Jim Meikle, Matt Gingles, Gail Pain
3Bob Glass, Jim Paterson, Stan Moore, Rita Harris, Sheilagh Cooper
4Fiona Glass, Maurice Rennis, Eddie Redman, John O'Neill, Norma Mitchell
5Steve Holden, Walter McGowan, David Hale, John Mitchell
6Mike Jackson, George Harris, Phillip Pain, Annabel Struthers
7John Phillips, Ann Roy, John Anderson, Thelma Banks, Jennifer Simmers
8Norman Robertson, Sheila Sturrock, Betty Meikle, Iain Moreland, John Roy