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Ladies v Gents Bonspiel 2023/24

The Ladies v Gents Bonspiel is due to take place on Tuesday 12 December 2023 at 15:00 on the Arena sheets.

Gents 1Gents 2
Andy McKinnellMoray Weir
John MacfarlaneRichard Kingslake
Howard RoystonPaul Mosley
Jane (Elf) WeirMario Cannavina

Ladies 1Ladies 2
Fiona GlassSally Macfarlane
Gill SmithLuisella Mosley
Mary MacDonaldGillian Kingslake
Liz PatersonSusan Ross

The order of play will be as follows:

Sheet 1Sheet 2No. of ends
Gents 1 v Ladies 1Gents 2 v Ladies 23
Gents 2 v Ladies 1Gents 1 v Ladies 23/4

The result was a narrow win for the Ladies by 8 ends to 6. Shots up were even closer with the Ladies +1 and the Gents -1.

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