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Pairs Competition 2019-20

(For the Helen Loudon Quaichs)

The Pairs Competition took place at The Peak, Stirling on Thursday 09 January 2020 at 10.00.

The pairs for the competition are given below:

Pairs Teams
A.Gill SmithJean Verrall
B.Heather BurnsGail Pain
C.Isabel RobertsonPenny Evans
D.Maureen RoystonNorma Thornton
E.Maureen GriffithsMaureen Campbell
F.Rita HarrisRuth Harkus


The order of play was as follows:

10.00 A v B and C v D
10.40 B v F and A v E
11.20 C v E and D v F

Each session consists of 3 ends of 6 stones each. The results will be decided on ends, then shots up, then total shots.

The winners were Team B with 4 ends, plus 2 shots and 7 total shots from Team A with 4 ends, plus 2 shots and 5 total shots.

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