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Pairs Competition 2021-22

(For the Helen Loudon Quaichs)

The Pairs Competition took place at The Peak, Stirling on Thursday 13 January 2022 at 10.00.

The pairs for the competition are given below:

Pairs Teams
A.Gill SmithHelen McKinnell
B.Sally MacfarlanePenny Evans
C.Jane WeirAnnette Rogers
D.Gail PainKatherine Kelsey
E.Jean LeitchMuriel Holroyd
F.Anne LochheadNorma Thornton


Because of the covid regulations, the format was as follows:

10.00: A v B, C v D

10.40: A v E, C v F

11.20: B v E, D v F

3 ends to be played with 6 stones each. The pairs have been kept on the same sheets to avoid swapping stones as much as possible. To save time, the pair remaining on the ice starts the first game of the next session.

The results will be decided on ends, then shots up, then total shots.

The results were very unusual in that in five of the six matches, 1 pair won all the ends. Of the 4 winning pairs, only Team C did this twice and so won with 6 ends and 11 shots up. Team E ran them very close but lost 1 end to finish with 5 ends and 8 shots up.

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