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Results 1982 to 1995


Peat: Margaret Falconer, Sybil Munro, Maisie Hawley, Rita Mearns.

Pairs: Sybil Munro and Ann Moncrieff.

Opening Bonspiel: Betty Meikle, Margaret Falconer, Elspeth Murdoch, Jenny Knox.

Closing Bonspiel: Margaret Falconer, Moira Gracie, Elspeth Murdoch.

Curler of the Year: Elspeth Murdoch.



Peat: Margaret Falconer, Lintie Morgan, Alison Robinson, Margie Barber-Fleming.

Pairs: Madeleine McColl and Margaret Weir.

Opening Bonspiel: Madeleine McColl, Margaret Brown, Meg Hale, Joan Duff.

Closing Bonspiel: Margaret Rowan, Sybil Munro, Margie Barber-Fleming, Joan Duff.

Curler of the Year: Rita Mearns.



Peat: Thelma Banks, Margaret Weir, Margaret Brown, Lintie Morgan.

Pairs: Jose Reid and Alison Robinson.

Opening Bonspiel: Betty Meikle, Kate Walker, Margaret Weir.

Closing Bonspiel: Betty Meikle, Margaret Brown, Alison Robinson.



Peat: Margaret Rowan, Sandra Dougall, Thelma Banks, Margaret Weir.

Pairs: Helen Scott and Margaret Weir.

Opening Bonspiel: not held.

Closing Bonspiel: Madeleine McColl, Alison Reid, Betty Meikle, Moira Gracie.



Peat: Margaret Falconer, Jenny Knox, Kate Walker, Margaret Weir.

Pairs: Madeleine McColl and Kate Walker.

Opening Bonspiel: Margaret Falconer, Jenny Knox, Alison Robinson.

Closing Bonspiel: Helen Stringer, Margaret Brown, Betty Meikle, Maisie Hawley.



Peat: Helen Loudon, Margaret Brown, Marjorie Woodward, Joan Duff.

Pairs: Margaret Rowan and Margie Barber-Fleming.

Closing Bonspiel: Jose Reid, Sue Baker, Alison Robinson, Margie Barber-Fleming.



Peat: Anne Lang, Margaret Rowan, Margaret Brown, Betty Meikle, Jean Stewart, Sandra Dougall.

Pairs: Anne Lang and Alison Robinson.

Closing Bonspiel: Anne Lang's team.



Peat: Helen Scott, Dorothy Speight, Joan Shand (and reserves), Sybil Munro.

Pairs: Zena Pollock and Marjorie Woodward.

Closing Bonspiel: Margaret Falconer, Margaret Brown, Thelma Banks, Sybil Munro.



Peat: - presented to an individual winner on a points system - Madeleine McColl.

Pairs: Margaret Falconer and Barbara Lawson.



Peat: Margaret Falconer, Maureen McNeil, Barbara Frazer, Margaret Symington.

Pairs: Margaret Falconer and Jenny Knox.

Points: Margaret Falconer.



Peat: Jose Reid, Margaret Brown, Alison Reid, Jean Stewart.

Pairs: Margaret Rowan and Zena Pollock.



Peat: Margaret Falconer, Zena Pollock, Joan Arnott, Jenny McMaster.

Pairs: Margaret Rowan and Margaret Cook.

Closing Bonspiel: Helen Loudon, Betty Hopkins, Joan Arnott, Barbara Sparkes.



Peat: Margaret Falconer, Joan Shand, Nan Steel, Dorothy Pattenden.

Pairs: Helen Loudon and Margaret Cook.

Closing Bonspiel: Lorna Gardener, Wilma Brownlie, Janet Carruthers, Marjorie Thomson.



Peat: Jess Steel, Joan Shand, Carol Harding, Sue Baker.

Pairs: Betty Piltile (?) and Cath Watson.

Closing Bonspiel: Zena Pollock, Doris McNeill, Sheila Reid, Marjorie Thomson.


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