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Ladies Christmas Bonspiel 2011

The Christmas Bonspiel took place at The Peak, Stirling on Thursday 15 December 2011 at 10 a.m.

The curling was followed by lunch at The Riverhouse.

The teams for the Christmas Bonspiel were as follows:
ARita BarthGill SmithRita HallamPat Montgomery
BFiona GlassRita HarrisPauline HoldenAngela Higginson
CMuriel HolroydJenny KnoxNorma Mitchell-
DHelen LoudonCarol HillElspeth MurdochNorma Thornton
EBetty MeikleAlison RobinsonMarion Richardson-
FDiana JacksonRita MearnsGail PainMargaret Falconer


The order of play was:

Game 1 - A v D, B v E and C v F for 3 ends
Game 2 - C v E, A v F and B v D for 2 ends
Game 3 - B v F, C v D and A v E for 2 ends

Result was on ends, then total shots.

The winners were Team A with 5 ends followed by Team B with 4 ends and 8 total shots.